Automatic Single Head Oil Filling Machine

This is Automatic single Head liquid filling machine. You can fill any free flowing liquid. Filling Range 2 Liter to 15 Kg, Flow rate 50 Liter per minute

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  • Capacity                     : 8kg/30kg/50kg
  • Resolution                 : 2g/5g/10g
  • Platform Size            : 350*350mm
  • Power Supply           : 220 Volt Ac 50Hz
  • Display                       : 12mm 7 Segment LED Display
  • Over Load Capacity : 150%


  • Latest Micro Controller Based Design
  • Rugged Construction
  • Simple And User Friendly
  • Auto Calibration & Auto Start Option
  • Cummulative Totaliser,Batch Totaliser etc..
  • Password Security For Key Board Settings
  • Easy Selection Of 36 Preset Recipes
  • Protection From Start When No Container On Platform
  • Gross/Net Filling Option
  • Batch Lock
  • Emergency Stop Button For Pause Filling
  • Heavy Duty Load Cell For Rough Use
  • Strain Gauge Based Load Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Value With Teflon Lining
  • Triple Feed Control Value For Better Accuracy
  • Fill Abort Option When Leakage In Container
  • External Batch Display
  • Communication :RS232/485, MODBUS RTU


  • Edible Oil/Vegetable Oil,Ghee,Lube Oil,Chemical And Food Processing Industries….


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