Multi Head Filling Machine

The Automatic Four Head Flow Meter Based Filling Machines.The output of Bottle Filling Machines depending on nature of Liquids,
Bottle Diameter, Bottle Height, Bottle Neck Size and Fill Volume. All parts coming in contact with Liquids are made from S.S. 304 Material.

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  • Filling Range               : 500ml To 5Ltr
  • Accuracy                       : +/- 1%
  • Speed                            :
  • Power Supply              : 440 Volt Ac 50Hz
  • Over All Dimensions :
  • Number Of Filling Heads : 4 Head
  • Air                                  : 6 to 8 Bar Pressure Required


  • Flow Meter for High Fill Accuracy and Repeatability
  • The Machine Has Touch Screen HMI To Controll All The Functions
  •  All contact parts made of SS304 material with easy removal system
  • Rugged Construction
  • Simple And User Friendly
  • Suitable For Syrup and Suspension having higher viscosity
  • Precise filling valve for100% spillage/drip free on bottle neck and shoulder
  • Individual nozzle fill volume adjustment by HMI
  • Machine does not require any change parts for change in Fill Volume due to
    Flow Meter Technology,
  • which helps user to set the required fill volume directly
    from Machine control panel Touch Screen system
  • Pneumatic Bottle Stoppering Arrangement
  • Pneumatic operated valve
  •  Pneumatic Diving nozzle
  • A.C. Drive to Verify the machine & Conveyor’s Speed



  • Edible Oil/Vegetable Oil,Ghee,Lube Oil,Chemical And Food Processing Industries….


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